Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A special Christmas edition of Ferrus Fair, wherein I show off my new toys.

I got 10 beakies for Christmas. I shall call them Sternguard Veterans, and they shall be mine. Images to follow the invisible dotted line.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Post number 50!

So I've been doing some Real Life junk lately, so I guess I'll talk about that. Finished the semester with a 3.75, so that's cool. I've also gotten four games of 40k in over the weekend, which is four more than I managed over the course of the semester. Three games against my brother-in-law's (Brother's wife's brother, woo!) Newcrons, with a record of 1-1-1, and one against my brother's Tyranids, against which I lost embarassingly. I have come to a couple of conclusions:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dammit, I'm late.

Well, this is a bit embarassing. I was so excited to be done with my first final yesterday that I forgot to follow it up with a blog post. Here's a hastily dashed together post about Scout Squad Arete, of the Steel Revenants. My first cyber-scouts! Each of them has some kind of cybernetic augmentation.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Entombed 2.5 - Aleksos

Time for more Entombed. I've decided that I need additional points of view. So, here's Crusade-Captain Aleksos's first chapter. It takes place between chapters 2 and 3 of Entombed.

     The teleportation chamber on the strike cruiser Spear of the Lightbringer did not look impressive. Three walls were blank but for the glowing circuitry and graven runes of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The fourth wall was entirely taken up by a massive pair of doors decorated with a golden aquila. Opposite the door was a bank of controls - antennae, dials, and glowing screens. A tech-priest of Mars worked the controls, his metal hands aided by the three snaking mechadendrites protruding from his back. The magos's metal limbs blurred across the panels faster than mortal eyes could follow. The rest of the room was entirely dominated by a raised platform. The platform was inscribed with a pentacle of silver. At each of the star's points, and in the center, stood a Space Marine in Tactical Dreadnought armour, held in place by massive magnetic clamps. Servitors idled by the walls of the rooms, their organic eyes glazed and empty of expression. Three Astropaths wearing ceremonial robes and heavy chains chanted in unison. Their voices carried an unnatural timbre.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Better Know a Chapter - Knights of Glory: Chapter Organization

So, having modeled some Knights of Glory models has helped me determine a chapter organization for them, or at least, has helped me refine the organization I already had.

I have decided that the Knightly Virtues must be something that transcend the Orders themselves - because every Order must exemplify each Virtue or else be seen as lacking in a critical aspect of knighthood, every Order must clearly have a Master of each Virtue. Therefore:

Every Knightly Order must become somewhat independent of the other Orders. They must be like a self-contained Company or Clan.

Every Order must have six Masters: One of Faith, Brethren, Deeds, Justice, Flesh and Iron
Each subdivision must have a Grandmaster that oversees his purview in each Knightly Order; all the Masters of Brethren must be supervised by a Grandmaster. The same with every Master of Deeds - there must be a chief librarian to oversee all the epistolaries, of course.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knights of Glory - Modelus Motorbicus.

     So my big christmas present to myself was a Ravenwing battleforce and a Grey Knights Strike Squad box. Kitbashed together, they form the seven Grand Masters of the Knights of Glory. I already have a Grand Master of Faith, but he was made a while ago, and was originally a Steel Revenants character. Since I have changed the primogenitor of Knights of Glory from White Scars to Dark Angels, the Grand Master of Faith will need some retooling before he's ready to be showcased to the public. The others, however, are quite happy to strut their stuff.
     The seven Grand Masters sit at the Stone Table during meetings of the council, and make all decisions affecting the Knights of Glory as a whole. Though the Grand Master of Virtues technically has the right to enforce his word even against a quorum of the other masters, it is a power he rarely exercises. The rigid structure of peerage within the chapter places the seven grand masters nearly as social equals; it is a very unwise Grand Master who angers his entire inner circle

Sorry if some of the pics came out weird. I've never used a photobox before, so everything is TOO MANY BRIGHTS. I suppose the fact that they're all unpainted might also contribute to that...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lights of Hyperion Ch. 3

Once upon a time there was a guy who was way behind on his writing quota, and his name was me. Blech. I've got a lot of outline, and not much actual text. Also, what text there is is scattered throughout the story, so that'll be confusing or inconvenient or both. This week's installment is pretty short. Sorry. NaNoWriMo is more exhausting than I realized.

     Ellie flattened herself in a doorway as Detective Royal left the apartment. She followed him discreetly to the elevators and as soon as he had begun his trip down, she summoned another lift. She glanced back and forth nervously and tapped her feet, waiting for the elevator. She adjusted her hat, pulling it forward in a vain attempt to cover more of her face. After what seemed like hours of waiting, another lift arrived and Ellie pressed the Lobby button. Her destination was Underhab sub-12, but Uphab elevators didn't go down to the subterranean levels. The doors slid shut, gentle music began to play, and the elevator glided down the thirty floors to ground level.
     She knew she couldn't return to her house. The police were already there, combing through every fiber and brick. No doubt they would put out a bulletin to search for her, if they hadn't done so already. She cursed herself, not for the first time, for coming home early. And, absurd as it seemed to her, she began feeling guilty because her work on the HRS Magellan was not finished. She considered sending instructions to her project heads , but dismissed the idea. Survival first. Unfinished business later.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lights of Hyperion Ch. 2

    "You are listening to the Hyperion News Network. I am Cheridan Quinn, and this is your news. Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Hyperian Accords and the Declaration of Independence from Orion. Tonight's top news story: Congressional officials passed the Wartime Logistics Act. Representatives from Hyperion cooperated with those from Oceanus, Iapetus, Cronus, and Tethys in order to acquire the required majority. The law, which is designed to encourage thrift on the homefront and aid in the movement of resources to our forces on the border systems. Officials say that the disruption of everyday life should be minimal. Nonetheless, they ask that citizens continue to minimize ration use, conserve water and energy, and to donate anything you can spare to the war effort. Here is Congress Chair Henry Blaine's press release." 
Chairman Henry Blaine's voice was a mellow bass. He spoke with the accent of a Helios Uphabber, each vowel and consonant meticulously articulated. His words were neither rushed nor sluggish, and when he was talking, it was very difficult not to listen. He cleared his throat and addressed his audience.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo, and Chapter One of "Lights of Hyperion."

This month is National Novel Writing Month. As such, I will be trying to write about 2000 words per day on a novel, which Da Roolz insist must be started from scratch. Seeing as I'm already working on a WH40k novel, and I don't have any ideas in mind for another novel in the universe (at least not a novel outside the Vercingetorix storyline), I'll be writing a different novel - a film-noir style detective science fantasy. Because Detective Mack Royal needs about 2000 words a day to stay on track, my time for posting blog junk will be sorely curtailed. So, despite the fact that this is technically a 40k blog, this month will be full of NaNoWriMo posts. Unless, that is, I say "fuck this mess" and get tired of it, which is quite possible.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How To: Iron Hands (using the Space Wolves Codex) Part 2

Last week's segment was about the fluff behind using the Space Wolves codex as an appropriate substitute for Codex: SM when trying to play an Iron Hands list. This week, I'll be exploring the various ways to do this on the tabletop. Black bits are list bits. The text in red is fluff or gameplay explanations.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To: Iron Hands (using the Space Wolves Codex)

I'm not late. I'm inebriated, and this is what Tuesday looks like from the other side.

It's been a few years now since Codex: Space Marines came out. At first, I was among the many up in arms about how Matt Ward was ruining everything. Over time, and having read through the book more than a few times, I've realized that only one of my initial complaints is really valid, but, me being me it's kind of a big one.

Matt Ward clearly hates the Iron Hands.

I have my reasons for believing this, but that's another full post's worth of whining, and maybe one week when I'm not feeling very "writey," I'll just rant about why Codex: SM hates Iron Hands. For today, that's tl;dr, so you get REAL content. Or at least, you get the prelude to REAL content.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brainstorm session.

This week's post is less fluff and more brainstorm, so if you're not interested in reading my thoughts, feel free to write this one off as tl;dr. The first part is my observations and concerns with the current story. Then I wax chatty about ideas I might like to implement. With that disclaimer out of the way, more after the snip.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Entombed IX

     "The Ancient has fallen! We must protect him!" Sergeant Filos was shouting into his vox-caster. Vercingetorix saw a dense knot of his brethren shoving through the panicked crowd, laying down hails of heavy bolter fire behind them as they struggled to reach the Dreadnought. Gun drones swooped down the Marines, pulse weapons peppering the squad with ineffectual fire. The stealth suits had stopped shooting into the crowd and were now leaping from rooftop to rooftop, those with fusion guns melting through the structures' bronze domes in search of the city's hidden anti-air defenses.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Master of the Faith Lunatus Maximus: A Brief History (Part II)

Reclusiarch Lunatus Maximus has seen over three hundred years of service among the Knights of Glory. The monstrous roar of his bike's engine is a sound feared by many a chaos lord and warboss, and his mere presence on the battlefield is enough to invigorate the war-weary battle brothers over whom he has watch.  In any conflict where speed is key, Maximus is sure to be on the front lines, his cataphracti spearheading an armored assault, striking deep behind enemy lines, or smashing enemy advances against his shield.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To: Crimson Fists

     This week is one of those weeks where my inner fluffbunny gets to hop around on the tabletop for a while. Today I show you how to play a fluffy Crimson Fists list on the tabletop that's Not Just Another Stupid Marine Army.  For those unfamiliar with the background, the Crimson Fists are a second-founding Space Marine chapter descended from the Imperial Fists. Unlike the Black Templars, who took the whole "Beat face for the Emperor" motto and turned it into a way of life, the Crimson Fists stick much closer to the Codex Astartes. Though they're a chapter with a lot of prestige and a lot of history behind them, the Fists suffered some very hard luck over the last few centuries.

     The Arch-Arsonist of Charadon, an Ork warlord with more gubbins than good sense, started making trouble in Pedro Kantor's neighborhood. They got in one little fight with the Fists on Badlanding, but instead of getting scared and moving in with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air, the Arch-Arsonist decided to run riot on the Fists' home planet, Rynn's World. In most cases, attacking a Space Marine fortress world is synonymous with "gruesome, unpleasant suicide." It was looking like pretty much the same thing for the Arch-Arsonist, but then disaster struck.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Master of the Faith Lunatus Maximus: A Brief History (Part I)

I could not write anything new today because I was drunk and sang karaoke, which took all my time. Here is a repost of a thing I've already posted elsewhere, modified a little bit. This was originally about a Steel Revenants character, but now that I have three Chapters to work with, it makes much more sense for him to belong to the Knights of Glory, so he does.

    Reclusiarch Lunatus Maximus is a figure of uncounted legends among the Knights of Glory whose deeds fill volume upon volume in the Chapter archives.  He has witnessed the rise and fall of half a dozen Chapter Masters, each of whom he has fought alongside in hundreds of battles.  The old Chaplain's counsel is valued as highly as any living man.  Over the course of the years most of the Chaplain's flesh has been damaged beyond repair and replaced with bionics.  Some whisper that the Reclusiarch no longer possesses any flesh at all.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Entombed VIII

Part 8 in the Entombed series. If you're anything like me, all this talk has left you a little bit antsy. Well, worry no more. This section gets back to the action in a big way. Hopefully you're as pleased with the results as I am.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Better Know a Chapter: The Dragons Rampant - Armada Draconis

     The Dragons Rampant are an Imperial Fists successor chapter that follows in the footsteps of the Black Templars - a fanatical, spaceborne crusade chapterthat specializes in brutal hand-to-hand combat. Many of the spacecraft in the Dragons' fleet are named after mythical creatures of ancient Terra. Likewise, upon attaining a sufficiently high rank in the Chapter, it is not unheard of for an aspiring Tyrant (roughly equivalent to a Marshal of the Black Templars) to assume the name of a mythical dragon. The office of Emperor's Champion is replaced in the Dragons Rampant by the office of Slayer. Slayers are peerless combatants, and also the ultimate arbiters of Armada law among Astartes and human crew alike. Each ship in the Armada nominates one Slayer, who takes the name of a dragon-killer of old (most ships' Slayers take the name of their predecessor). Slayers are always on the lookout for heretics and sorcerors within the Fleet, and are swift and merciless in disposing of both.
     Warning: May contain tl;dr.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homebrews on the Tabletop - Alternate Librarian Power List

Though this is primarily a fluff blog, I am a gamer as well as a writer. I don't buy into the whole competitive tournament scene; I prefer to play casual games with friends and family. I don't mech up, razorspam, or run with the latest codex just because it's better.  However, I do fancy myself something of a homebrewer, and  like to create custom characters, units, and powers for my homemade Chapter. Now I know that "homebrew fandex" in this game is almost always synonymous with "broken POS that nobody would play against," but I'd like to think that the things I create aren't all that bad. Whenever a new book comes out, I try to reexamine my homebrew stuff, make tweaks as necessary, and keep my stuff just a little bit behind the power curve.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Entombed VII

     My companion, we are nearing the equatorial city of Nobilis. I have hailed the local Arbites Marshal as you requested. He will be at the landing pad awaiting the arrival of We.

     "Very good, Spirit. Connect my auspex to that of the Thunderhawk. I would look with my own eyes upon the city I have chosen to defend."

     Very well, my companion.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better Know a Chapter: The Steel Revenants - Major Engagements

Like any good seven-thousand-year-old Space Marine Chapter, the Steel Revenants have quite a few campaigns recorded in their massive archives. As much as I would love to write about every single one of them, most Space Marine engagements involve a few dozen Marines, a couple tanks, and a relatively short time in the field. Most Space Marine conflicts are, let's face it, not worth reading about. Because I'm not Matt Ward (SURPRISE!) and I don't get paid for that sort of thing, I'm not going to wax talkative about all the times my favorite Chapter Master victoriously wiped his own ass. However, the gaping maw of The Blog is ever hungry, and it is interesting to read about the campaigns where at least a full Battle Company takes the field for a protracted engagement.

But enough of this fool's jibba-jabba!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Entombed VI

     "That one worries me, Spirit." Vercingetorix lumbered back toward the bunker. The ground trembled slightly with each step.
     We are stronger than he, my companion. He is no threat to We.
     "His strength is not in his muscles. It is in those he commands. Aleksos well-loved by our brothers, and holds much sway with the Chapter Council. He balks under the leadership of Master Dolor. Were he to invoke the Right of Challenge, he might win."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Steel Revenants: The Creed of Steel

Just a brief segment about the Steel Revenants and their beliefs. I really do need to start posting earlier...

The Steel Father surveyed the small gathering of faces before him. Of the thousands of supplicants who had come to the Monastery a year ago, now only twelve remained. Twelve promising neophytes on the cusp of becoming fully recognized Battle Brothers. Twelve men who would soon suffer the implantation of a Black Carapace. Twelve warriors who would, if they passed these final tests, earn their powered armour. He began to speak in a synthetic bass monotone.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Better Know a Chapter - Knights of Glory: Questions

The same questions that helped refine the Steel Revenants now applied to the Knights of Glory.


* When was your Chapter formed?
Late M34 ~ Early M35 (16th Founding)
* Why were they created?
One of three chapters founded to assist the conquest of the Aetherium star cluster and consolidate the Imperium's holdings in the remote regions of the Segmentum Pacificus.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How It's Made - Camo Cloaks

Today is NOT a fluff day (Gasp, swoon, faint). Today I'll be doing my first tutorial: how to do woodland camouflage on a camo cloak. Normally I'm more of a fluff-bunny, but I do occasionally do a decent paint or model job, and when I do I like to share.

Since I've recieved a couple of comments regarding this, a disclaimer:
This is NOT a tutorial for the classic "blob" camouflage. That horse is dead and bludgeoned. If you want the patchy camo used by modern militaries, I'm sure there are other people who could do a better job than I. This is for active camo, that is, camouflage that is constantly shifting to match the surroundings. The cloak is meant to portray a shifting kaleidoscope of woodland colors, not a static pattern.

Now that that's out of the way, on to the tutorial.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Allies and Enemies - The Angels of Dread

I always seem to find myself busy on Tuesdays. Again, here's a post that is technically on Wednesday, but we'll call it Tuesday because I haven't gone to sleep yet. Today's story is a brief snippet about Sergeant Dious of the Angels of Dread. Created by a good RL friend of mine, the Angels of Dread are a Blood Angels successor. They and the Steel Revenants have fought side-by-side on many occasions, and they have also (once or twice) found themselves on opposing sides of a conflict. Even when they are at odds with one another, the two Chapters are loath to bare blades against their brethren in battle.  Without further ado, I present the first (very brief) snippet from the Allies and Enemies series.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ghost Riders, Conclusion

Last time, on Tales of Horror!

And now, the thrilling conclusion of The Adventures of Boss Groinkikka!

     The rest of the night passed uneventfully. The orks might have been a bit more restless that night. They might have held their choppas a little tighter than usual. They might have dreamed scary dreams, if orks dream the way we do. But the boss told them to go to sleep, and so sleep they did. Orks may be unique in the galaxy as being the only race that fears what they know more than what they do not know. Though capable of making great intuitive leaps, Orks lack in traditional imagination. They did not know about the Ghost Riders; they did not know about monomolecular blades or jezails or vicious mutie beasts. What they did know about was Boss Groinkikka and his big choppa and his big shoota, and therefore that was what they feared.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Better Know a Chapter - the Steel Revenants: questions and answers

Technically, it's Wedmesday, but I've been in and out of internet lately, so we'll just call it tuesday plus ten minutes and leave it at that.

I found these questions on the Bolter and Chainsword's DIY marines guide and decided to fill them in. It's helped me flesh out some of the details regarding the Steel Revenants. I suppose now that I accidentally created two new Chapters I should probably fill them out a couple more times for the Knights of Glory and the Dragons Rampant.


* When was your Chapter formed?
Late M34 ~ Early M35 (16th Founding)
* Why were they created?
One of three chapters founded to assist the conquest of the Aetherium star cluster and consolidate the Imperium's holdings in the remote regions of the Segmentum Pacificus.


* Does your Chapter have a homeworld?
* Where is it?
Segmentum Pacificus, in the Kokytus system.
* What is it like?
Scarred, meteorite-battered, fossilized remnants of a once-beautiful world. One of the least hospitable worlds in the Kokytus system, it was chosen for its defensibility and because the ruins of a forgotten Space Marine chapter's fortress-monastery were discovered in a high mountain. Within this fortress the ancient Dreadnought Vercingetorix slumbered away the untold millennia.
* How has your homeworld affected your Chapter?
Chapter organization shifted; due to necessity of subterranean living, each company prefers to exist independently, drawing as much upon its own resources as possible. The exceptions are the Scout and Terminator companies, which each contribute to the other companies. Each company tends to have a specialization that it does better than any other.

Combat Doctrine

* How does your Chapter fight?
Mobile armoured tactics, fierce drop-pod assaults. Special affinity for plasma weapons.
* Why do they fight this way?
Plasma is especially effective vs. resilient orks and the light vehicles they favor.
* Are there any examples of your Chapter's battle-history?
- The Waaagh! of H'roggut Goretoof, Slayer of Several
- The Waaagh! of Guthul Blackfist, Skurj O' Da Stars
- The Purging of Oxia
- First Waaagh! of Pug'Lak the Unclean
- The Eldar Incursion
- The Akeldama Heresy
- The Eldar Invasion
- The Seccond Waaagh! of Pug'Lak the Unclean
- The Cortez Nebula Incident
-The Third Waaagh! of Pug'Lak the Unclean


* How is your Chapter organised?
The Steel Revenants are primarily a codex-adherent chapter. They deviate in that each Company strives to remain as independent as possible. They each maintain a stock of Terminator armour, a motorpool, and a command structure. The Council of Ancients, composed of the ten Company Captains, their seconds, representatives of the Forge, Cult, and Librarium, and the Chapter Master, governs the deployment of the Chapter's forces and the everyday workings of the Chapter. The Chapter Master holds the final say in all disputes between companies, but a Chapter Master can be voted from his position by the Company Captains if they unanimously agree upon a replacement. This has happened only once in the Chapter's history.

* What comprises your Chapter's belief system?
The Chapter worships the Emperor as a trinity: His physical form, a level of bodily perfection which no mortal flesh can attain; His spiritual form, which watches them constantly, guiding them through the Astronomican and protecting them from the perils of the Warp and the dangers of doubt and questions, and the Omnissiah, His eye which watches through every machine and moves the cogs which, in turn, move the Imperium.
* Why does your Chapter hold these beliefs?
Their fortress-monastery is in the same system as an Adeptus Mechanicus forge-world. Their close ties to the Mechanicus has lead to the prominence of the Omnissiah in the Chapter Cult.
* How have these beliefs affected your Chapter?
Because the Steel Revenants view their bodies, genetically modified though they may be, as inferior to the Emperor and incapable of approaching His perfection, they seek instead to invite the Emperor into their bodies through the Omnissiah. As such, bionic modifications are extremely common, with implants being regarded as nearly as precious as gene-seed. Steel Revenants will take great pains to retrieve the entire body of each fallen marine, as some implants date back to the Horus Heresy and before.


* Which Primarch does your Chapter descend from? Is your Chapter aware of its genetic legacy, or have they lost their records?
Iron Hands, with a Dreadnought of unknown age and unknown gene-seed, but presumed to be Iron Hands.
* Which Chapter was your Chapter created from? The original legion itself, or one of the successor
Iron Hands Successor Successor.


* Why have you chosen that gene-seed?
My chapter's affinity for bio-enhancement and mechanized tactics lead me to the Iron Hands.
* Has your gene-seed mutated in any way?
The Ossmodula implant sometimes fails to function. As a result some Steel Revenants are unable to recieve the Black Carapace implant. Marines who are incapable of wearing Powered Armour either become permanently attached to the Scout Company, or are assigned to assist the Chapter's Techpriests. The most prominent example of these are the Steel Children, heavily modified disciples of the techmarine known as the Steel Father.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Entombed V


"That was boldly done, Crusade-Captain. It may not have been wise." Vercingetorix and Aleksos stood atop Saint's Hill, surveying the wreckage of the morning's battle. The dreadnought's voice rolled down the hill like miniature thunder. On Vercingetorix's left side, a techmarine was directing servitors in the repairs of his damaged arm.

"I did what was necessary, Lord Revenant. The Commissar's incompetence may have already cost us this planet. He had formal charges written up for every officer at that table for dress uniform violations. By the Throne, there's a war on and he's worried about torn sleeves and tarnished medals. I did the planet a service."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crusade-Captain Aleksos - A Brief History (Part I)

Character bio time!

     Crusade-Captain Damion Aleksos is a great living hero of the Steel Revenants chapter, and one of the most respected members of the Chapter council. A native of the subterranean tribes of the Revenants' homeworld, Lucifer, Aleksos's life has been full of trial and hardship. Aleksos was considered too small and too weak by his family, and was sold into the serfhood to the Steel Revenants by parents who saw him as nothing more than a hungry little burden. They expected him to die on some far-off world or become a menial servitor. Xiphon Akefia, the Chapter Master at the time, took a personal liking to Aleksos and began to mentor the young boy, grooming him for a much more promising future as a battle-brother and, eventually, a leader.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ghost Riders

For a change of pace, this week's segment will be about my newly-finished Gorkamorka Mutie mob, the Ghost Riders. Pictures when I feel like it, and not before! Now you lot sit quiet-like an' listen to my story!

Tonight, we have a special story. A story about Orks. A story about Gork! A story about Mork! A story told by a dork! Prepare for the bone-chilling chronicle of Boss Groinkikka on TALES OF TERROR!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Entombed IV

[Now that the formatting nightmare has been fixed, here's the post. For real this time.]

Vercingetorix was the last to arrive at the makeshift war council. A large wooden table had been set up in the entry hall of the bunker, which was the only area large enough to accommodate a Dreadnought. All of the corpses had been removed from the room, but the sarcophagus's sensitive air scoops still detected lingering traces of propellent, plasma burns, and blood. Too much blood. He was surrounded by warm, swirling liquid. For a moment, the withered husk inside the Dreadnought heaved, its empty stomach reacting with instinctive disgust.

Are you well, my companion? Do you require an adjustment to your amniofluid?

"No, Spirit. I am well. The scent of blood awoke a shadow of the past. There was a time when I, too, could bleed. But no longer."

It is good that We cannot bleed. This metal body is not subject to such weakness.

"Yes, Spirit. It is good."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Better Know a Chapter - Knights of Glory

Some RL news along with the fluff.
I have begun converting some marines with machiney bits, as befits a Mechanicus-loving Chapter such as the Revenants. Woooo! This includes a whole five-man squad of robo-Scouts. This is exciting for me.

The Knights of Glory
The Knights of Glory are a Dark Angels successor of the 16th Founding of Space Marines. They are one of the three Chapters sent into the Aetherium star cluster to take and hold the dozens of rediscovered planets in that region of space. They were vaguely inspired by the knights of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Better Know a Chapter: Steel Revenants - Home System

A little bit of information on the Kokytus System, home of the Steel Revenants. Later BKAC installments will go into more detail about the individual planets.

Snippy snippy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Entombed III

Ack! A day late in posting. I blame school.

As soon as he was clear of the drop pod, Vercingetorix unleashed the energy stored in his plasma guns. Four miniature sunbursts erupted from beneath his fists. Three of the plasma bursts hit squarely on target, reducing fire warriors to bubbling piles of molten flesh and cracked bone. The fourth burst collided with a drone and dissipated harmlessly on its shield. Behind him, Vercingetorix could hear the storm bolter mounted on his drop pod firing rapidly. The distinctive boom-whoosh of the bolts' two-stage ignition was punctuated by dull crack of their explosive warheads detonating. More drop pods roared in overhead, crashing into the ground or being detonated in midair by the Tau anti-air defenses, which were now targeting the incoming pods.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Entombed II

Vercingetorix fell through the atmosphere, ensconced in the blackness of his drop pod. The hull glowed with the heat of atmospheric entry. Inside the craft, the only noise was the low hum of power fields and the oscillating noise of plasma guns warming up.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The words imposed themselves over Vercingetorix's eyes, a vulgar green light interrupting the gentle blackness of sleep. He tried to rub his eyes but found his arms were immobile. A voice cut through the confusion.
Are you awake, my companion?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Death from Above

Rain poured down upon the encamped men on Ptolomea. Small, sad-looking campfires sputtered among the tents, and the sounds of talk were muffled by heavy canvas and the occasional rumble of thunder. Pitiful spotlights centered on an assembly of chimeras and sentinels and picked out men working diligently on their airborne support craft. This was the night of the assault on the capital, when the planetary governor was to be deposed, and tensions were high. So far, resistance on the agri-world had been next to nil. The invading forces had suffered more casualties from accidents and wildlife than from the scattered and ineffectual resistance of the planetary defense forces. Though the city was fortified, the population had grown soft and complacent, and the hard men in the camp were confident that their coup would go as planned.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Better Know a Chapter: The Steel Revenants - Founding

The Better Know a Chapter series was originally intended to be a brief summary of the Steel Revenants' history, their beliefs, and what makes them special to me. I'm only one post in and already the project has begun to develop a mind of its own. Eventually, I would like the Better Know a Chapter series to encompass not only the Steel Revenants, but other Chapters as well - the Iron Hands, who are desperately underfluffed, as well as the other Chapters in the Aetherium cluster and those with whom the Revenants have associated over the past seven thousand years.  However, in the interest of starting small and not overdoing it (or outstripping my ability to concoct more fluff...) I will be breaking this down into tiny, digestible bits over a long period of time.

Now that the intro's out of the way, here's the good stuff.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cogitator Online

This is the new homepage of the Steel Revenants, my own personal Space Marine Chapter.  I will (intermittently, at best) be posting various bits of fluff, the occasional photo, and maybe a Tactica article or two.  This is mostly for my own benefit, and so that I can keep track of the other interesting blogs (Maximum Heresy, I'm looking at you, bro) and maybe get some fresh outside feedback in case my work gets too ambitious.  As I have something of a backlog of work posted on various other sites, forums, and so on, I'll be mixing in those posts with some fresh ones, but eventually I want to make this page the ultimate source of Steel Revenants goodies.  That being said, I'm going to go sign off and aimlessly wander the intertoobs until I get bored or have to go to class.