Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Better Know a Chapter: Steel Revenants - Home System

A little bit of information on the Kokytus System, home of the Steel Revenants. Later BKAC installments will go into more detail about the individual planets.

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Home system: Kokytus system
Caina – Closest to the star. Uninhabitable, volcanic, primarily made of metals
Moon - Abella – tiny, fast-moving ball of hot, semi-molten rock. Also uninhabitable.

Antenora - Thick, poisonous atmosphere. Extremely hot. No discernible day/night due to heavy cloud cover and light dispersion. Some indigenous life forms exist in the methane/argon atmosphere.May  be the point of origin of most Ork incursions within the system, but no evidence has been found to support this theory and, indeed, little could be done to rectify the situation.

Ptolomea – Lush agri-world that supplies surrounding systems with food. Imperial government, contemporary tech-level.
Moon - Abubus – Small world with little liveable area. Heavy, toxic gases collect in low elevation areas. Only liveable areas are tops of giant mesas that dot the equatorial region. Adeptus Mechanicus maintains numerous forge-cities on the plateaus of Abubus to provide the more mundane needs of the systems such as farming equipment, tools, etc.

Judecca - Orbits at the same distance and in the same path as Lucifer, but on the opposite side of the sun. A civilised world of roughly 6 billion, from which come the Kokytus Spectral Regiments of the Imperial Guard.
Moon - Caiaphas – Forge-world that provides armaments for the Spectral Regiments and Steel Revenants.
Moon - Pontias – Harbor for the Guard's attached fleet
Moon - Akeldama – Harbor for the Guard’s attached fleet.

Lucifer – A death world, but (mariginally) civilised. Little atmosphere due to planetary catastrophe. This planet contains the ruins of numerous previous colonies and outposts. There are several abandoned Adeptus Mechanicus outposts, scattered caches of mostly defunct Eldar technology, and an imposing fortress buried deep within the planet's highest mountain. The fortress was once a Space Marine monsatery of an unknown chapter, but was abandoned by that chapter. The Steel Revenants unwittingly chose the same world as a home base for their operations and restored the fortress to working order.
Moon - Julius – Harbor for the Revenant Fleet
Moon - Brutus – A dead moon converted into an orbital weapons platform
Moon - Cassius – A place even harsher than Lucifer, utililsed as a training ground for the Steel Revenants. Meteors constantly pound the surface, seismic activity is an omnipresent hazard, and volcanic vents spew toxic gases. Life on Cassius thrives beneath the surface in a planetwide system of magma tubes.

The Kokytus Belt – This is a massive ring of asteroids that surrounds the Kokytus system, separating the gas giants Lethe and Phlegethon from the rest of the system. Lethe and Phlegethon are far removed from the rest of the system, but their orbits are dotted with supply stations for picket ships and system defense platforms.

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