Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Better Know a Chapter - Knights of Glory: Chapter Organization

So, having modeled some Knights of Glory models has helped me determine a chapter organization for them, or at least, has helped me refine the organization I already had.

I have decided that the Knightly Virtues must be something that transcend the Orders themselves - because every Order must exemplify each Virtue or else be seen as lacking in a critical aspect of knighthood, every Order must clearly have a Master of each Virtue. Therefore:

Every Knightly Order must become somewhat independent of the other Orders. They must be like a self-contained Company or Clan.

Every Order must have six Masters: One of Faith, Brethren, Deeds, Justice, Flesh and Iron
Each subdivision must have a Grandmaster that oversees his purview in each Knightly Order; all the Masters of Brethren must be supervised by a Grandmaster. The same with every Master of Deeds - there must be a chief librarian to oversee all the epistolaries, of course.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knights of Glory - Modelus Motorbicus.

     So my big christmas present to myself was a Ravenwing battleforce and a Grey Knights Strike Squad box. Kitbashed together, they form the seven Grand Masters of the Knights of Glory. I already have a Grand Master of Faith, but he was made a while ago, and was originally a Steel Revenants character. Since I have changed the primogenitor of Knights of Glory from White Scars to Dark Angels, the Grand Master of Faith will need some retooling before he's ready to be showcased to the public. The others, however, are quite happy to strut their stuff.
     The seven Grand Masters sit at the Stone Table during meetings of the council, and make all decisions affecting the Knights of Glory as a whole. Though the Grand Master of Virtues technically has the right to enforce his word even against a quorum of the other masters, it is a power he rarely exercises. The rigid structure of peerage within the chapter places the seven grand masters nearly as social equals; it is a very unwise Grand Master who angers his entire inner circle

Sorry if some of the pics came out weird. I've never used a photobox before, so everything is TOO MANY BRIGHTS. I suppose the fact that they're all unpainted might also contribute to that...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lights of Hyperion Ch. 3

Once upon a time there was a guy who was way behind on his writing quota, and his name was me. Blech. I've got a lot of outline, and not much actual text. Also, what text there is is scattered throughout the story, so that'll be confusing or inconvenient or both. This week's installment is pretty short. Sorry. NaNoWriMo is more exhausting than I realized.

     Ellie flattened herself in a doorway as Detective Royal left the apartment. She followed him discreetly to the elevators and as soon as he had begun his trip down, she summoned another lift. She glanced back and forth nervously and tapped her feet, waiting for the elevator. She adjusted her hat, pulling it forward in a vain attempt to cover more of her face. After what seemed like hours of waiting, another lift arrived and Ellie pressed the Lobby button. Her destination was Underhab sub-12, but Uphab elevators didn't go down to the subterranean levels. The doors slid shut, gentle music began to play, and the elevator glided down the thirty floors to ground level.
     She knew she couldn't return to her house. The police were already there, combing through every fiber and brick. No doubt they would put out a bulletin to search for her, if they hadn't done so already. She cursed herself, not for the first time, for coming home early. And, absurd as it seemed to her, she began feeling guilty because her work on the HRS Magellan was not finished. She considered sending instructions to her project heads , but dismissed the idea. Survival first. Unfinished business later.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lights of Hyperion Ch. 2

    "You are listening to the Hyperion News Network. I am Cheridan Quinn, and this is your news. Today marks the tenth anniversary of the Hyperian Accords and the Declaration of Independence from Orion. Tonight's top news story: Congressional officials passed the Wartime Logistics Act. Representatives from Hyperion cooperated with those from Oceanus, Iapetus, Cronus, and Tethys in order to acquire the required majority. The law, which is designed to encourage thrift on the homefront and aid in the movement of resources to our forces on the border systems. Officials say that the disruption of everyday life should be minimal. Nonetheless, they ask that citizens continue to minimize ration use, conserve water and energy, and to donate anything you can spare to the war effort. Here is Congress Chair Henry Blaine's press release." 
Chairman Henry Blaine's voice was a mellow bass. He spoke with the accent of a Helios Uphabber, each vowel and consonant meticulously articulated. His words were neither rushed nor sluggish, and when he was talking, it was very difficult not to listen. He cleared his throat and addressed his audience.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo, and Chapter One of "Lights of Hyperion."

This month is National Novel Writing Month. As such, I will be trying to write about 2000 words per day on a novel, which Da Roolz insist must be started from scratch. Seeing as I'm already working on a WH40k novel, and I don't have any ideas in mind for another novel in the universe (at least not a novel outside the Vercingetorix storyline), I'll be writing a different novel - a film-noir style detective science fantasy. Because Detective Mack Royal needs about 2000 words a day to stay on track, my time for posting blog junk will be sorely curtailed. So, despite the fact that this is technically a 40k blog, this month will be full of NaNoWriMo posts. Unless, that is, I say "fuck this mess" and get tired of it, which is quite possible.