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Better Know a Chapter - Knights of Glory: Questions

The same questions that helped refine the Steel Revenants now applied to the Knights of Glory.


* When was your Chapter formed?
Late M34 ~ Early M35 (16th Founding)
* Why were they created?
One of three chapters founded to assist the conquest of the Aetherium star cluster and consolidate the Imperium's holdings in the remote regions of the Segmentum Pacificus.


* Does your Chapter have a homeworld?
* Where is it?
Segmentum Pacificus, in the Aetherium Star Cluster.
* What is it like?
A feudal world of rich forests, wide plains, and plentiful fresh water. The fortress-monastery of the Knights of Glory is a floating fortress known as The Rook. The natives of the planet believe that The Rook is the abode of the legendary Emperor and his consort Glorianna, queen of the faeries. The Imperial Cult must keep a close watch on the churches of Avalon to ensure that Glorianna does not overtake the Emperor in religious significance, but otherwise leaves the people to their own devices. Tribes of feral Orks and abhumans maintain their own empires on the planet's surface. The Knights of Glory keep watch to ensure that the Ork population never reaches critical mass or grows too technically advanced, but otherwise leave the humans of Avalon to fend for themselves.
* How has your homeworld affected your Chapter?
The feudal structure of Avalon values knighthood, chivalry, honor, and courtly virtues. The values of the people are reflected in the Chapter - in their rituals, their organization, and the way they interact with the Imperium at large.

Combat Doctrine

* How does your Chapter fight?
The Knights of Glory are a bike-based Chapter, and most of their battles are fought with these highly mobile machines in mind.
* Why do they fight this way?
The bike is to Space Marines what the horse is to the nobility on the planet's surface. It is mighty steed, trusted friend, and deadly weapon.
* Are there any examples of your Chapter's battle-history?
Some of the Chapter's notable foes are:
- The Lord of Change known as Errour
- The Chaos demagogue Archimago
- Hive-Fleet Lindwurm


* How is your Chapter organised?
Seven Knightly Orders contain the bulk of the Chapter's fighting forces. Those who have not yet ascended to become full Battle Brothers reside in the eighth order, the Order of Squires. The Chapter leadership is represented by the seven Masters - the Masters of Faith, Brethren, Justice, Deeds, Flesh, and Iron, and the Grand Master of Virtues, who has the final word in all the Chapter's dealings. Each of the seven Masters has control of a certain aspect of the Chapter as a whole. There are also the auxiliaries, the cannoniers, and the Smithy, who go to battle rarely, and are unmounted.


* What comprises your Chapter's belief system?
The Knights of Glory revere the Emperor first and foremost. Unlike many Chapters, they do not believe the Emperor is responsible for directly intervening in the daily lives of His children. Instead, they pray to Glorianna, the Faerie Queene, who they claim resides in the Warp with her fae court and actively opposes the evil Vices that would prey upon Mankind.
* Why does your Chapter hold these beliefs?
Glorianna was a legendary figure among the men of Avalon since before the Aetherium cluster was rediscovered in the late years of M34. .
* How have these beliefs affected your Chapter?
The Knights of Glory have come into conflict with the Ecclesiarchy in the past. Their insistence that the Warp is home to benevolent spirits as well as malevolent ones clashes with the Imperial Cult doctrine that the Warp is full of taint and never to be trusted.


* Which Primarch does your Chapter descend from? Is your Chapter aware of its genetic legacy, or have they lost their records?
Dark Angels.
* Which Chapter was your Chapter created from? The original legion itself, or one of the successor Chapters?
Their gene-seed was drawn directly from the White Scars.
* Why have you chosen that gene-seed?
Because, aside from the Ravenwing set being a great source of bikes and also of DA stuff, I like the angel images and the swords and the like. I've decided that I like Dark Angels as a primogenitor more than White Scars..
* Has your gene-seed mutated in any way?
It is comparable in quality to that of the Dark Angels.

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