Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dammit, I'm late.

Well, this is a bit embarassing. I was so excited to be done with my first final yesterday that I forgot to follow it up with a blog post. Here's a hastily dashed together post about Scout Squad Arete, of the Steel Revenants. My first cyber-scouts! Each of them has some kind of cybernetic augmentation.

Scout Sergeant Phalanx
He has an augmetic power fist in place of his left arm.

Brother Laramos

It's tough to see from this angle, but his left arm is the cybernetic arm from the Cadian Command Squad.

Brother Pathos
His right arm has been replaced with bionics.

Brother Roberto

 His left arm is bionic, and he has a shank instead of a left hand. He is Roberto, the stabbing robot!

Brother Timos
 Most of his body is actually intact, but as you can see, he has metal skeletal grafts beneath the skin. He is now showing off his torn up Terminator-style face.

These conversions are not terribly ambitious, but they are very flavorful, and fit well with the Steel Revenants' Mechanicus theme.

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