Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I have awoken!

Obviously I have been out of the loop for quite some time. I've taken a lot of time off to get back to the other parts of the hobby that I know and love: collecting and gaming. I've also been doing a lot of schoolwork, some socializing, some meeting of new people, and so on. But the pen calls to me nevertheless, and who am I to refuse its call?

So, after a long hiatus (and another before that and probably another before that), I have returned to the world of writing. Expect more regular updates, because nothing makes me write like having deadlines. I got a lot of constructive feedback on Entombed, and I hope to be able to turn that feedback into a renewed interest in the Entombed storyline and another sixty pages that are even more exciting and intriguing than the first sixty. Oh, yeah, and then another three hundred after that.

I also want to start exploring some narratives with my other Chapters, the Knights of Glory and the Dragons Rampant. I have branched out a bit in my collecting, and it seems only reasonable that my writing follow suit.

I've also dipped a toe into the kingdom of dirty square-basers, so I might, from time to time, write something in the vein of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. My current fascinations are Vampire Counts and Lizardmen.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. Expect to see updated writings as of the weekend.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kommando Orks Versus Adeptus Mechanicus [Necrons] 4: Live Green or Die Hard

 The game is getting close to the end now. There's blood in the water. The foot is a game. This will be the last post on this particular battle, because the battle is over after this post.


During the movement phase, Orks do what Orks do. They get closer, they shout, they smell funny... you know, Greenskin stuff. I forget to Screencap, probably because I'm too busy listening to Celine Dion or something equally embarassing.

The Burna on the Kommand mob goes fwoosh.taking down a Deathmark. The Shootas knock out a couple of Immortals.

 The Immortals get back up and conga to the back of the line, farther away from the impending Ork assault.

 Kommandos charge my Wraiths and inflict a casualty, making me very sad. He was only three days away from retirement! Then one of the Orks decides to get stuck as some wacky anomaly on the terrain. Vassal, like a dog who has finally caught his own tail, has no idea what the fuck to do with this Ork or his 2" coherency circle.

My turn. Both squads of Deathmarks back away from the tide of naughty green semi-consensual lovin' currently slapping the fuzzy handcuffs on my Wraiths. The Triarch Stalker clunks forward, gloriously Not Immobile thanks to my good friend the Karamazovspyder. I think about how Karamazovspyder sounds like some kind of dreary existentialist Russian novel from the early 1900s.

Despite his best efforts to get killed, Boss Snikrot fails to eat it at the hands of my Deathmarks. The Shoota Boyz, on the other hand, suck up a few casualties from tesla zaps.

The Kommandos in blue continue hacking away at my Wraiths, dealing out three Wounds and just barely failing to get out of Locked In Combat status this turn. Their inability to take out the last wound on my Wraiths has ensured that my Deathmarks, Stalker, or Annihilation Barge don't have an unfortunate accident in the parking lot next turn.


 Koptas and 'Ard Shoota Boyz advance. Shootas are having trouble on account of the difficult terrain.

 Everybody shoots. A single Immortal bites the dust. No reanimating.

The last Wraith finally dies, bringing this assault phase to a close and freeing up his Kommandos to get zapped. I forget to take the muzzle flashes off the Shoota Boyz, making it appear as though they just never stop shooting. Somehow this seems a fitting send-off for those gallant Boyz.

My move phase is fairly boring. Blue moves up. My Annie Barge rotates. Deathmarks stay right where they are.

With a truly outrageous amount of firepower concentrated on a very small number of foes, the Adeptus Necronichus cleans house.

At the end of this turn, we decided to call the game. The Kill Point tally is very one-sided, due in large part to the six freebie points I got by shutting down his Squadrons of Warbuggies. I'm curious to see how this battle might have panned out differently had it been played in Sixth edition, given some of the new rules in place now. Maybe that's a fight for another day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kommando Orks Versus Adeptus Mechanicus [Necrons] 3: V harder

Turn 3 of the epic battle!

Next week will be turn 4 and 5 condensed, because less stuff happened.

Ork move phase. Orks moved ahead, as Orks are wont to do. Snikkers arrived from behind and made threatening faces at me.
 DAKKADAKKADAKKA! Lost some Wraiths (I put the Morale Check banner before I remembered that they're Fearless) and some Deathmarks.
 One Deathmark gets back up. I'm the reanimator!
 Snikkers charges my 10 Warriors, with predictable results.
 Deathmarks move toward Kommandos. Annie Barge moves away.Wraiths move to blocking position. Immortals advance.
 I retaliate for the loss of my Skitarii. Also, I take down the Big Gunz battery. Immortals run for cover.
 Morale time. The grots (gun krew) lose it and flee off the board. Snikkers succeeds.
The Spyder charges the Kommandos, takes out a couple, but fails to Sweep them. He consolidates toward the enemy.

And that's turn 3.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kommando Orks Versus Adeptus Mechanicus [Necrons] Part Le Deux.

Part 2 of the VASSAL battle between my Adeptus Necronichus and the fiendish Kommando Orkz of Warboss Dakka Pakka (he doesn't know I've given him this name yet, but it's totally gonna stick).

[Photo upload incoming when internet is a thing again. I out of town for a couple days and our hotel didn't have free WiFi  because apparently this is 1953 or something].

Turn 2 Reserves time. A mob of Boyz and a Big Mek show up.

 Turn 2 Shooting. I pop a Solar Pulse. It doesn't help.
Reanimation Protocols time. I revive a dudeman.
Move your dead bones, bones, bones!
Now it gets ugly. Assault phase.  Meganobz wipe a squad with no effort at all. Boyz inflict some harm on the Wraiths.

But, lo and behold, the REANIMATOR! Overlord gets up and walks again.

Then it's my turn. Reserve rolls. Both squads of Deathmarks come in. I drop them midfield, deciding that keeping them away from the board edge is the better part of valor.
Come on, boys and girls. Come a little closer. I'm the Reanimator!
I spend pretty much all my firepower making it happen, but I do manage to take out the Meganobz.
For my next trick, I make the Meganobz... DISAPPEAR!
And it only took every bullet I had (except the command barge). Assault phase. My second Wraith squad piles in atop the mess.
I lose the rest of the first Wraith squad, but wipe the Ork mob with a sweeping advance.

And that's turn 2 of this VASSAL battle. Tune in for turn 3 next week!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kommando Orkz versus Adeptus Mechanicus [Necrons]

I've begun a Vassal battle with a friend of mine. My Adeptus Necronichus versus a mob of Kommando Boyz. We're only about halfway done, but I've started screencapping the battle, so I'll be putting up screencaps and, maybe later, writing up a proper battle report.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unannounced (and unexpected) hiatus now over. We're back in motion.

I've scheduled a Vassal game for this Friday, and it inspired me to do a counts-as list that I've been toying with for quite some time. Specifically, that of a Necron list used to represent an Adeptus Mechanicus force. Now, much of the stuff the AdMech uses on a non-Titan scale has an awful lot of room for variation within the fluff, so I'm making a lot of this stuff up on the spot, or at least fudging my estimates of what a unit is or is not able to do. Keep that in mind and we'll be golden. I tried to come up with names for all the wargear that would sound a little less heretekal than just admitting they're all using Necron tech, but frankly I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one Magos within the AdMech that used necron gubbinz for all kinds of stuff.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I got new toys from my FLGS for a very generous price. That's the only update I've got for this week, but it feels like a good'un. Venerable Dreadnought, Ironclad Dreadnought, five Hammernators. Wooooooo!