Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Better Know a Chapter - Knights of Glory: Chapter Organization

So, having modeled some Knights of Glory models has helped me determine a chapter organization for them, or at least, has helped me refine the organization I already had.

I have decided that the Knightly Virtues must be something that transcend the Orders themselves - because every Order must exemplify each Virtue or else be seen as lacking in a critical aspect of knighthood, every Order must clearly have a Master of each Virtue. Therefore:

Every Knightly Order must become somewhat independent of the other Orders. They must be like a self-contained Company or Clan.

Every Order must have six Masters: One of Faith, Brethren, Deeds, Justice, Flesh and Iron
Each subdivision must have a Grandmaster that oversees his purview in each Knightly Order; all the Masters of Brethren must be supervised by a Grandmaster. The same with every Master of Deeds - there must be a chief librarian to oversee all the epistolaries, of course.

The Knightly Order of Squires will not work any more. I must come up with another Knightly Order. If every Order is a self-contained unit, then the Squires cannot exist outside of this structure. Squires can still exist, but those outside of an Order cannot be truly considered Battle-Brothers, nor can they be trusted with a mount.

I know that the last couple of weeks have been very light on the narrative, but I need to be writing something, and the narrative has not come easily, so this is what you get.
So. starting December we'll be back to normal updates, and hopefully by then I'll be back to the Entombed storyline.

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