Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Master of the Faith Lunatus Maximus: A Brief History (Part I)

I could not write anything new today because I was drunk and sang karaoke, which took all my time. Here is a repost of a thing I've already posted elsewhere, modified a little bit. This was originally about a Steel Revenants character, but now that I have three Chapters to work with, it makes much more sense for him to belong to the Knights of Glory, so he does.

    Reclusiarch Lunatus Maximus is a figure of uncounted legends among the Knights of Glory whose deeds fill volume upon volume in the Chapter archives.  He has witnessed the rise and fall of half a dozen Chapter Masters, each of whom he has fought alongside in hundreds of battles.  The old Chaplain's counsel is valued as highly as any living man.  Over the course of the years most of the Chaplain's flesh has been damaged beyond repair and replaced with bionics.  Some whisper that the Reclusiarch no longer possesses any flesh at all.

    As the head of the Chapter Cult, it is the Reclusiarch's job to ensure that the Knights of Glory keep the faith and do not stray from the path of righteousness.  Contrary to most Imperial doctrine, Master of the Faith Lunatus Maximus encourages those who look up to him to ask questions.  His quick mind and gift for words allow him to answer these questions with a thoughtfulness and insight that serves only to reinforce the faith of the listener.  He also personally oversees the education of young Squires whenever he is present in the Chapter's fortress-monastery (though this is a rare occurence, as the Master of the Faith is zealous in his pursuit of the Emperor's enemies).

    In combat, Maximus never takes the field without his trusted bike.  It is, as far as any can tell, the last of the Interceptor-pattern bikes in existence.  The Interceptor is an ancient design that incorporates a hurricane bolter instead of the single twin-linked bolter of the Astartes warbike.  When it was discovered in an abandoned Hive dome, he immediately laid claim to the vehicle and now maintains it with as much care and love as any tech-priest.

    When he rides into battle, Maximus is frequently accompanied by his Cataphracti - veterans of dozens of campaigns who, like him, are all expert riders and sublime warriors.  Armed with some of the most potent weapons and armour from the Chapter's stockpiles, a mere handful of these elite warriors have been known to turn aside a thousand shouting Orks or ten thousand screaming heretics. Guided by the shining gold beacon that is the Aquila's Talon, they charge enemy emplacements, guns blazing and voices raised in the Litanies of Hate that Maximus has taught them. Together, these peerless warriors are truly a force to be reckoned with,

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