Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kommando Orkz versus Adeptus Mechanicus [Necrons]

I've begun a Vassal battle with a friend of mine. My Adeptus Necronichus versus a mob of Kommando Boyz. We're only about halfway done, but I've started screencapping the battle, so I'll be putting up screencaps and, maybe later, writing up a proper battle report.

The Setup:


Da Boyz went first. Movement:
His Trukk with Meganobz and his Trukk with Boyz advance on my left flank while his Warbuggies head over to the right.

And the Ork shooting:
One Rokkit hits the right-side Venerable Land Speeder (Annihilation Barge) but fails to damage. One of the Grot Kannonz nails my Triarch Stalker (Dreadnought) and immobilizes it.

AdMech movement:
My Iron Hands Marines (Immortals with Telsa Carbines) advance straight ahead, bringing their deadly electric blasters to bear. My Wraiths advance center field along with my High Magos in his Landspeeder (that's the Overlord in Command Barge). The Skitarii (Warriors) move forward to fully occupy their cover. My Repair Crawler hoofs it toward the Dreadnought.

AdMech Shooting:
I unleash a torrent of fire, cracking open most of the Orks' AV10. Even the Tesla guns fare decently against the open-topped squadrons on my right flank. The remainder of my fire goes against the Meganobz. Already I can see the merits of a Triarch Stalker's twin-linking power.

That's the end of Turn 1. I'll put up more next week.

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