Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kommando Orks Versus Adeptus Mechanicus [Necrons] 3: V harder

Turn 3 of the epic battle!

Next week will be turn 4 and 5 condensed, because less stuff happened.

Ork move phase. Orks moved ahead, as Orks are wont to do. Snikkers arrived from behind and made threatening faces at me.
 DAKKADAKKADAKKA! Lost some Wraiths (I put the Morale Check banner before I remembered that they're Fearless) and some Deathmarks.
 One Deathmark gets back up. I'm the reanimator!
 Snikkers charges my 10 Warriors, with predictable results.
 Deathmarks move toward Kommandos. Annie Barge moves away.Wraiths move to blocking position. Immortals advance.
 I retaliate for the loss of my Skitarii. Also, I take down the Big Gunz battery. Immortals run for cover.
 Morale time. The grots (gun krew) lose it and flee off the board. Snikkers succeeds.
The Spyder charges the Kommandos, takes out a couple, but fails to Sweep them. He consolidates toward the enemy.

And that's turn 3.

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