Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kommando Orks Versus Adeptus Mechanicus [Necrons] Part Le Deux.

Part 2 of the VASSAL battle between my Adeptus Necronichus and the fiendish Kommando Orkz of Warboss Dakka Pakka (he doesn't know I've given him this name yet, but it's totally gonna stick).

[Photo upload incoming when internet is a thing again. I out of town for a couple days and our hotel didn't have free WiFi  because apparently this is 1953 or something].

Turn 2 Reserves time. A mob of Boyz and a Big Mek show up.

 Turn 2 Shooting. I pop a Solar Pulse. It doesn't help.
Reanimation Protocols time. I revive a dudeman.
Move your dead bones, bones, bones!
Now it gets ugly. Assault phase.  Meganobz wipe a squad with no effort at all. Boyz inflict some harm on the Wraiths.

But, lo and behold, the REANIMATOR! Overlord gets up and walks again.

Then it's my turn. Reserve rolls. Both squads of Deathmarks come in. I drop them midfield, deciding that keeping them away from the board edge is the better part of valor.
Come on, boys and girls. Come a little closer. I'm the Reanimator!
I spend pretty much all my firepower making it happen, but I do manage to take out the Meganobz.
For my next trick, I make the Meganobz... DISAPPEAR!
And it only took every bullet I had (except the command barge). Assault phase. My second Wraith squad piles in atop the mess.
I lose the rest of the first Wraith squad, but wipe the Ork mob with a sweeping advance.

And that's turn 2 of this VASSAL battle. Tune in for turn 3 next week!

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