Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obviously something is amiss

So I tried rewriting what I had a few times, and I really just didn't like where it was going. So, at least for a short while, the experiment is on hold. It being almost finals time, I've been a little bit overwhelmed with homework and stuff. So my posts will, once again, be sparse of content and frequently late.

Hey lookit, I made a twin-linked autocannon for my Dreadnought.

I didn't think to take pics and make a tutorial out of it, but it was fairly simple.

Reaper autocannon from Defiler kit. Second Reaper autocannon barrel (housing not needed).
Assault cannon from Ravenwing sprue
Dreadnought arm (without weapon), just the shell)
Autocannon ammo case from IG heavy weapons team (the one with the carrying handle - ht's the right shape and size).
Hobby knife
Green Stuff (optional)

Chop the barrels off the Assault Cannon
Chop the blades off the Reaper autocannons
Glue reaper barrels to assault cannon housing
Glue assault cannon housing to intact Reaper body. Find a way that it fits - it shouldn't be too hard
Glue the whole assembly - upside down - to the arm housing

If you've done it right, it will nestle pretty comfortably on the round arm socket of an AoBR dread. If it doesn't fit, GS it or glue it - depending on whether you want to be able to swap the arms out ever again.

There, my awful, hasty tutorial. It's CONTENT!

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