Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Experimenting More

Well, I decided I liked the start last week, so I'm going to put a little more work into the child soldier storyline.

     Even from twenty meters away, the blast hit me like... well, like a bomb. I expected the flash to hurt my eyes, but it was the sound that shocked me the most. It shook my entire body and made me feel like the entire world had suddenly moved beneath me. My ears hurt like someone had stabbed them. Then, an instant later, the shockwave hit. It knocked my head back and then flipped me over. I rolled down the back of the hill, rocks and broken bottle shards stabbing my back and chest. For half a second I was terrified that I had snapped my neck. Slowly, though, feeling returned to my limbs and my ears started working. That's when I heard the fighting.

     The signal! I checked my lasgun. Brod said to always check before you fire, because shooting with an empty mag was a cheap ticket to the waste heap. Then, keeping my body low to the ground, I crawled as fast as I could back to the top of the hill. Brod, Boomer, and Grendy were crouched behind the wrecked hull of an old groundcar. They were trading lasgun shots with the bigs in the house. I couldn't see them through the windows, but I fired a few bursts at the side of the house anyway. I must have done good, because Brod popped out, fired a few more shots, and then looked up at my perch on the hill and grinned at me before ducking behind the car again.

Dammit, I accidentally this tab without clicking save and lost about two pages' worth of work. Because apparently I don't learn lessons very well. I'll rewrite it tomorrow.

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