Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Battle for Zandesh III - The Skies are Alight

Historically speaking, the fury and the suddenness of the renegade assault took the defenders of Zandesh III off guard. The Steel Revenants were forced to withdraw, leaving the crippled hulks of their tanks burning behind them. The Chaos forces siezed control of the warp beacons, but not before the loyalists managed to send an urgent distress call to the Segmentum fleet. With traitor ships and Imperial Navy vessels both en route, a clash in orbit was a foregone conclusion. This scenario represents one side seizing the initiative and attempting to land their forces planetside.

Mission Type: Planetary Assault*
* Special note - the defender does not recieve the usual d6*10 points per 500 - their advantage comes in the form of the bonus points they earned from the previous battle.
Zandesh III is a Medium-sized planet.
This battle will require a Low Orbit table as well as the standard battlezone.

Attacker: The Attacker in this scenario is actually the loser of the previous one. This represents the increased space presence of whichever force controls the warp beacons - the winner can land with relative impunity, while the latecomer must push their way through the blockade. Historically, Chaos arrived first, so the Imperium would be the attackers here.

The Attacker recieves 1000 points to spend, selecting from the Space Marine Dominion Fleet list. No ship larger than a Battleship may be taken - that is, no Ramilies Star Forts, Fortress Monasteries, Planet Killers, or the like.

Historical forces: Steel Revenants Strike Force (Space Marines Dominion Fleet)
Imperial Mars-Class Battlecruiser Aegis Kokytus (plus Space Marine captain) - 295
Imperial Vengeance-Class Grand Cruiser Ockham's Lens (plus Space Marine captain) - 255
Imperial Viper-Class Missile Destroyers [2] Uller's Arrows -90
Space Marine Strike Cruiser Spear of the Lightbringer (plus extra shields, plus Master of the Fleet) - 210
Space Marine Strike Cruiser Charon's Ferry - 145

Defender: The Defender in this scenario chooses from the Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade Fleet list. No ship larger than a Battleship may be taken, and the Planet Killer may not be taken.
Historical forces: Traitor horde of Demagogue Gorma Deska (13th Black Crusade Fleet List)
Desolator-class Battleship Burning Heart of Tzeentch (plus Chaos Warmaster) - 400
Hades-class Heavy Cruiser Maim (Plus Mark of Khorne) - 220
Murder-class Cruiser Burn (Plus Mark of Khorne) -190
Slaughter-class Cruiser Kill (Plus Mark of Khorne) - 185

The next battle is a Planetstrike. The winner of the previous battle becomes the attacker in a Planetfall mission. Each player gains one Orbital Bombardment for each cruiser, heavy cruiser, grand cruiser, or battlecruiser that survived the space battle without withdrawing or being crippled, and two for each Battleship. Orbital Bombardments are rolled for exactly like normal units held in Reserve and shoot with the following profile:
Strength 5 AP 2 Ordnance Blast 1

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