Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Better Know a Chapter - Knights of Glory: Fiends and Foes

Late post today; got caught up in some Vassaling. Today's entry is another little fluff bite from the ever-expanding Better Know a Chapter series.

Some of the enemies the Knights of Glory have faced who still lurk somewhere within the depths of the galaxy.

Archimagos - A Chaos sorceror of unknown origin. Archimago is a master of illusions, often disguising himself and his warriors as loyal Imperial subjects in order to gain the confidence of an an unsuspecting Imperial commander before sabotaging their efforts during a critical battle or simply turning their blades upon their "allies." The inner circle of the Knights of Glory have reason to believe that Archimago may, in fact, be one of the Fallen, so even the slightest hint of his presence is enough to bring heavy scrutiny from the chapter.

Orgoglio - A Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Orgoglio is known as the Harvester of Seeds because of a peculiar taste he has developed: he loves nothing more than to devour the gene-seed of Space Marines. Though he generally sates his hunger with the flesh of the Emperor's loyal servants, he has been known to feed on his own minions from time to time, cracking their skulls and wolfing down the contents with gusto.

Error - A daemon of Tzeentch, Error is a crafty beast who lurks in dark corners and whispers into the minds of demagogues and priests, twisting the words of the Ecclesiarchy's servants to his dark master's ends. A consummate trickster, Error is also a terrible foe in combat - As large as the greatest Tyranid bio-titans and capable of uttering blasphemous spells and incantations. Error has been known to work with various Chaos factions, but is especially fond of the Alpha Legion, whose corrupting influence meshes well with the daemon's methods.

Farseer Shakal Antourn of Craftworld Aquaenost - The Chapter's homeworld, Avalon, was once a Maiden World populated by Exodite Eldar. When the Knights of Glory claimed the world, they drove the Eldar out of their forest havens and slew them all. The Farseer, having seen a vision of the coming carnage, led a force to the planet to save their brethren, but arrived too late. Since then, the Farseer has sworn revenge on the Knights of Glory. Though the Eldar rarely face the Knights of Glory in open combat, the Chapter's archives are filled with examples of foes who knew more than they should of the Chapter's activities, or of enemies who struck at inopportune moments. The Grand Masters have deemed the death of Shakal Antourn to be a top priority, and the Order of the Bloody Spear are scouring the galaxy for his craftworld.

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