Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Entombed X Part 1.

 School started this week, so I've been short on writing time. Also, I'm still in a rut with Entombed. More next week - hopefully, it'll be more Entombed. I think I might try more Aleksos stuff. That, or I'll keep trying to figure out how to make the Scout segments work...

     The Adeptus Arbites precinct fortress stood out quite conspicuously compared to the beautiful bronzed domes and smooth walls of Nobilis. It was crafted from drab grey stone; its walls were five meters thick and reinforced with ceramite and adamantine and topped with Gothic gargoyles and grotesques. The outer curtain was bristling with guns, from .30 heavy stubbers to fearsome lascannons. Nobilis's founders had situated the fortress in the very middle of the city, in the middle of the river, so that Enforcers in Valkyries were never more than ten minutes away from any trouble. Unlike the massive bridges, which were built to accomodate traffic through the city, the precinct's drawbridges were only wide enough to fit one tank at a time; in the event of an assault, the defenders could hold off a sizeable force simply by parking an APC across each span and cutting down anything that came close. The entrances to the fortress courtyard were blocked on both sides by adamantine gates, and the ceiling above provided ample fire points for defenders to punish invading forces. Vercingetorix and his forces passed beneath the gate and into a grand courtyard.

     Inside the fortress, Marshal DeSalle had drawn up several dozen Enforcers into military ranks. She herself stood at the head of her forces, dressed in full regalia and standing at a stiff attention. The Arbiters held their position while all the Steel Revenants filed in. Once all the Space Marines had parked their vehicles and disembarked, the Marshal came forward and knelt before Vercingetorix. "We are honoured to host a Peer of the Imperium, Lord Revenant. Our food and our shelter are yours for as long as you require. We thank you for your assistance in driving back the aliens from this world."

     Vercingetorix saluted with a fist to his chest. The clang of metal on metal echoed through the courtyard. "Thank you, Lord Marshal. I bring forty soldiers, eight tanks, and their equerries and squires. In accordance with the Crusade-Captain's wishes, I am now assuming control of this Arbites precinct and all personnel therein, as well as any planetary guard or other armed forces." The assembled troopers began to shuffle and mutter, and the Marshal stood up, a shocked expression on her face. Vercingetorix held up a hand, and slowly the murmurs died down. "Understand that I do this mostly as a formality. I have no intention of countermanding your authority, Marshal. This is your city and your home, and doubtless you know how to defend it. With that said, I must make two things clear: first, I will not tolerate cowardice, nor will I tolerate surrender. These aliens are degenerate filth, barely worthy of our contempt. They certainly do not deserve our fear. Second, if I or one of my brethren issues an order, you will follow it as you would follow a command from the Emperor Himself. That will be all. My men will be meeting with your commanders to discuss siege preparations."

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